Luurel Varase albumi “New World” esikas 1. septembril Kauplus Aasias

Tähistame Varase teist väljalaset plaadifirma Crash Symbols alt. Plaate panevad Roma Fie, Taavi-Peeter Liiv ja Luurel Varas. FB event.

Bandcampis saab kuulata tasuta ja osta aga Spotifys veel ei ole.

“Returning to Crash Symbols almost exactly two-years after his Leisure Time cassette, the latest from Tallinn-based producer Luurel Varas takes a deeper turn into funk, jazz, and abstract psychedelics. Named after his longtime neighbourhood Uus Maailm, New World has the same classic sense of playful experimentation even with the focus moving away from hip-hop. Though it may not represent a hard, final transition, it does showcase an extremely diverse and refined palette. ” – Crash Symbols